Radio Recap – Sept 17

I seem to be getting behind and slower in my updates. I should really do a better job.
Guest 1: Jim Treliving

Guest 2: Ashley Tapp

Music: Our Lady Peace


Jim Treliving is most well known (here in Canada anyways) as one of the original venture capitalists on the TV Show Dragons Den. The co-owner of Boston Pizza, Mr. Lube, as well as a Hockey League and several other venture, Jim is touted as the franchise baron and picks deals based on their licensing potential. He came on my show to discuss his first book “Decisions: Making the Right Ones, Righting the Wrong Ones”. The book focuses on his “little big decisions” such as deciding to eat at Boston Pizza one night in Edmonton in the late 1960s. He was a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, and never eaten a pizza (back then it wasn’t as nearly common as it was today). He also talked about his dream of being an RCMP officer and how he ended up leaving the force for the food industry.

In the beginning, there wasn’t just Boston Pizza, there was also Boston’s Bottom – nightclub underneath several of the restaurants to help keep them afloat. Another fun fact – Boston Pizza was started by a band of Greek brothers. As it is humourously stated in the book “A Greek guy cooking Italian food with an American name in a Canadian city”. Although they struggled for a bit, BP soon found itself in many cities in British Columbia and Ontario.

Treliving intersperses the story with personal anecdotes and reflection. And some favourite pitches from Dragon’s Den. Although Boston Pizza International is worth 700 million today, he says you don’t necessarily need money to be successful.


Ashley Tapp is young up-and-coming chess player from Vancouver. Only 12, she is beating the boys at their own. Her story struck a chord with me, being a former competitive chess player, and I even engaged in an hour-long match after our interview (I lost). Ashley recently qualified for the World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia in November. However, in Canada there is no corporate sponsorship, so Ashley and her family have had to find unique ways to raise money for her trip. During the annual Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, she was there everyday challenging passersby to games and donations. The donation bin was sealed until the end of the fundraiser so that Ashley wouldn’t be clouded by money.

There are stage moms, and TV moms and now I have met a chess mom. Ms. Tapp was over-enthusiastic and very bubbly about her daughter’s budding career. She would tell really long stories about the lack of support for chess in Canada, their family, and even why Ashley cut meat from her diet. I would have offered her a valium had i been a dealer of prescription drugs. At any rate, Ashley is still looking for a corporate sponsor. To donate you can visit or e-mail


Our Lady Peace’s latest album is Curve, which lead singer Raine Maida calls their most experimental record. I chatted with guitarist (and newest OLP member) Steve Mazur about the recording process, working with heavyweight boxer George Chuvalo, and having one of their songs become an anthem for the Occupy movement. The album itself is quite interesting. Chuvalo appears in the video for heavyweight and supplies spoken word vocals for the last track Mettle.


For the interview with Jim Treliving –

For the interview with Ashley Tapp –

To Donate to Ashley –

For Curve –

Decisions is published through Random House and is on Bookshelves now


Next week: Guest #1 – Grace O’Connell. Guest #2 – Regine Harr. Music: Kimbra


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