Endeavours Recap – Sept 10

Last Week’s show focused on Bullying – and we portrayed from portraits of adoption and addiction.


Guest 1: Carrie Goldman

Guest 2: Thure Lindhardt

Music: Victoria Duffield


Carrie Goldman is an author, blogger, and former financial services officer. She runs the blog Portrait of An Adoption – which can be found at http://www.chicagonow.com –  and just released her first book “Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs To Know About Ending The Cycle of Fear”. Carrie explains that she became an anti-bullying advocate quite by accident. Her adopted daughter Katie, was bullied for having star wars toys – apparently only meant for boys and believes it has a lot to do with culture of fear that is so ingrained in our society today.

With the U.S. Presidential Election in full swing, educational policy is getting a close examination. The problem is that neither candidate talks about the social aspects and problems of education in their platform. Issues such as bullying are almost never mentioned. Carrie believes that more teachers need to speak publicly on the issue of bullying in schools and that school boards need to have a cohesive anti-bullying policy.

Additionally, Carrie talked about her decision to adopt, and specifically to adopt domestically. She and her husband had just lost a baby boy and it was difficult for them to conceive again right away. While there are certainly many children available for adoption in countries around the world, it can take upwards of a year to get the papers and legal work sorted out. The Goldmans didn’t want to wait. What makes their situation unique is that they have an open adoption. This means that they are in contact with Katie’s birth mother and send her updates on the well-being of her daughter. Since adopting Katie, the Goldmans have added two of their own genetic children to the mix. This November, Carrie will be holding an adoption forum on her blog. She has a new anti-bullying campaign featuring a series of videos (similar to the It Gets Better campaign). The Chicago White Sox recently contributed to it.


Thure Lindhardt is a Danish actor of film and television. Acclaimed in his native country, he is best known outside Europe for his role as Lieutenant Chartrand in “Angels & Demons”. His latest movie is ‘Keep The Lights On’ – written and directed by Ira Sachs – his first leading role in an American movie. Based on Sachs’ relationship with his ex-boyfriend, ‘Keep The Lights On’ is a searing portrait of the struggle to survive addiction. Sachs’ former partner, now a literary agent, has released his own memoir title ‘Portrait of an Addict as Young Man’.

Lindhardt is a former child actor; he got his start with a small role in ‘Pelle the Conquerer’. The reason he survived the transition form child actor to adult actor, was because, as he explains, he didn’t become a child star. Many of his early roles were small; he also did not set out to be a movie star. He merely wanted to be an actor. Having acted in both Danish and in English, Lindhardt knows full well the subtle differences that come with acting in a different language. ‘Keep The Lights On’ recently won the Teddy Award, which goes to films with an important LGBTQ theme or message. In addition to ‘Keep the Lights On’, Thure is currently co-starring in “The Borgias” co-starring Jeremy Irons and Colm Feore. He lives in Copenhagen.


Victoria Duffield is a singer, and occasional actress, from Abbotsford, BC. Her debut album ‘Shut Up & Dance’ was released last month. She co-wrote all the songs on the album, and the title track was a hit on Much Music. She was also featured on singing competition “The Next Star”, where a collaboration with producer Josh Ramsey (Marianas Trench) resulted in the song ‘Fever”. She has also been featured on Supernatural, Smallville & Mr. Young. By the way, she is only 17. She recently wrapped touring with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson and is well on her way to headlining her own some day soon. You may also recognize her brother Berkeley from the show “House of Anubis


For the entire show – http://www.cjsf.ca

To find Portrait of an Adoption – http://www.chicagonow.com/portrait-of-an-adoption. You can also visit Carrie on facebook at Portrait of An Adoption. Her personal website is http://www.carriegoldmanauthor.com and you can follow her on twitter @CarrieMGoldman. To join her cause visit http://www.teambullied.com

To view the trailer for Keep the Lights On go to http://www.apple.com/trailers

For information on Victoria Duffield and Shut Up and Dance visit http://www.victoriaduffield.com or http://www.warnermusiccanada.ca. You can follow Victoria on twitter @VDuffield

Next week guests: Jim Treliving, Ashley Tapp. Music: Our Lady Peace


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