Radio Recap – Aug 20

I was delayed this week as I was at a Cosplay convention… more on in a couple of days. Now onto the show.

Guest 1: Milo Shandel

Guest 2: Samuel Melamed

Music: Toby

Milo Shandel is a Vancouver-based actor who stars on the hit YTV show Mr. Young. A musical theatre actor for almost 20 years, Mr. Young is Milo’s first foray into television. It is also unique as it is Vancouver’s only multi-camera, live-audience sitcom (though more are slated to start shooting soon). Milo explained what it means as an actor to be part of the something that’s the first of its kind, as well as the differences between theatre and television, and what’s the worst gag he has been made to do as part of Mr. Young.

Because Mr. Young is a very over-the-top, gag-filled type of comedy, it is not that much different than theatre, Milo explains (especially since the audience is there). At times, he often forgets the camera is even there. The main difference is that, with television, you can redo a scene over again, a luxury not available in live theatre. The show is shot with four cameras and the acting is almost vaudevillian in style, Milo found that he did not have a hard time transitioning from theatre to television. Having the live audience there also makes him feel more at home.

On the show, Milo plays Mr. Tater, the incompetent principal of Finnegan high school. As a person who is a position of authority (and a very pompous one at that) he is often the target and gags and pranks. One of the more recent ones involved Milo having to wear a monkey costume and being submerged in wet cement –  the cement was mixed with oatmeal to give it a grainy texture, but it went soggy from being out overnight – that must’ve been fun!

Mr. Young airs Monday nights on YTV.

Samuel Melamed is a mechanical engineering grad from the University of Toronto. He was an engineering assistant on U of T’s team that took part in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation‘s Toilet Reinvention Challenge – one of the most innovative and unique ideas I have come across recently. The challenge was to design a green(er) sanitation system for third countries and developing nations, but that could also be adapted to use in places such as Canada and the U.S. Sammy explains that what they were really reinventing was the waste process and water filtration. The team from the University of Toronto ended up placing third in the contest.

The design was for a prototype; the next step is to actually build it. How it works, according to Sammy: it has two “filters”, one for urine and other liquids, and for solids such as feces and other small particles. Any leftover water than gets recycled back into the toilet’s filtration system. Quite innovative I must say. Sammy can explain it much better than I can.

Toby is Australian singer-songwriter Toby Beard who just released the live album “Coming Home”, her fifth record in total. She talks about the differences in doing a live album versus a straight CD, playing a solo show compared to one with a full band, her writing process, and why she enjoys Canada show much (she recently completed her 11th tour of the country).

The beauty of a live album is the many of the tracks are already previously recorded (with a couple of exceptions) and can be done much more simply and quickly than a studio album. In “Coming Home”, instruments such as trumpets, ukuleles, mandolins and horns are added, enhancing Toby’s Roots sound. As to why she likes Canada so much, she feels they the singer-songwriter and its surrounding culture much better than her home nation.

To listen to the entire episode:

For on Mr. Young –

Who is Milo Shandel? – answer here

Information about the Toilet Reinvention Challenge –

To find Toby’s music –

Next week’s show: Mikael Colville-Andersen, Jasmin Glaesser. Music: Die Roten Punkte


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